New A4 Album in the Works!

The Asteroid No.4 is back in the studio in San Francisco throughout the summer, and is planning to be done mid-fall.  

The studio itself is a museum -- any gear junky would feel right at home, as we do.  So far, recording to the 24 track Studer, everything sounds amazing.

Here's some photos so far and we'll keep you updated as things progress!





  • Any, Any chance of working with Peter Daltrey again. I mean no insult to you guys without him, as I have ALL your albums. But that Journey album with his lyrics and melodies and your playing and backup harmonies was Really Good Old-Fashioned Music For The Soul!
    Anyhow, GREAT BEYOND GREAT to read you are working on a new album. Halleluja!

    Ronald Zuber
  • I agree with Gary. Minneapolis area would be great.

  • Gonna be in SanFran 12/19-12/29

    Any gigs nearby?

  • Can’t wait for your new album to come out! Listening to Hail to Clear Figurines right now and lovin’ it.

    Nicole and Joe (Concord, CA)
  • Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new album, and TOUR?!? If you do make it to the Midwest, please come back to Boston, too…


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