Ninth Studio Album "Collide" Now Available!


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In honor of their 20th anniversary, psych veterans Asteroid No. 4 return with their ninth studio LP: eight new songs merging paisley vibes with fluid shoegaze moves and dots and dashes of ’60s-style psychedelia.

"Collide is sonically layered, uncommonly innovative, laid back, drenched with mild reverb and swirling with comfort, all while embracing the listener with worthy lyrics … Asteroid #4 have indeed found that delicate balance, creating a series of songs that come off as half remembered hypnotic lucid dreams hovering just out of reach." -

180g clear vinyl gatefold with download card.

**NOTE** - As of Saturday May 19 we've sold out our first batch, but we are expecting more very soon.  If you order please expect it to ship around May 23/24.  Thanks!