Introducing... Cassette

Introducing... Cassette

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The original A4 lineup was formed in the suburbs of Philadelphia by childhood friends, Scott Vitt and Eric Harms, after years of playing in various punk, hardcore, and even a Smith's cover band together.

Throughout their high school and college years, the future bandmates submerged themselves in the 'shoegaze' scene coming out of the UK in the late 80's and early 90's. After many months of the obligatory 'mom's basement' rehearsals, the group began to take permanent shape during the second half of the 1990s.

The newly formed quartet, which also included original bassist, Gregg Weiss, and drummer, Bill Reim, began writing the songs that would become their first recorded offering. The group's debut record, 'Introducing', was released to critical acclaim and branded as an 'uncommonly original and innovative space-rock album for the latter 1990s'.

Considered a pylon of the 'Psychedelphia' scene that also included luminaries Bardo Pond and Azusa Plane, reviews consistently cited Syd-era Pink Floyd, The 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind and early-Verve as the inspirations heard on the album and the A4 wholeheartedly accepted.

Following the debut's release, they quickly began touring with the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Philly brethren, The Lilys, the latter having a profound impact on where the band's sound was headed next.

In partnership with Burger Records we're happy to release this limited printing cassette for the album's 20th anniversary.

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