Ninth Studio Album "Collide" Now Available!
Ticking Timebomb b/w Broken Moon

Ticking Timebomb b/w Broken Moon

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In some ways a return to a similar overall mood as their “These Flowers of Ours: A Treasury of Witchcraft and Devilry” album from the late 00's, the Asteroid No.4 is in fine form here on their latest release! These long-standing psych veterans lay down a heady psych groover on the A-side that in some ways comes off sounding like a long lost track from the Pretty Things' classic “S.F. Sorrow”. On the flipside, the group travels into a hazy, dreamier realm of psychedelia that channels some strong paisley vibes in the vein of Opal and Mazzy Star. So continues the musical orbit of the Asteroid No.4! “The Asteroid #4 have proved to be one of the main underground purveyors of idyllic, 60's psychedelia, sometimes mixed with murky shoegaze.” - Raul Stanciu/ Sputnik Music

“Like the best psych rock, it is almost impossible to tell at which point in the past 50 years it was recorded. Great stuff!” –

“Plays like a pastoral work of stargazing time travel.” - Conor McKay/NPR Music