"The After Glow" Single Release

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Second single "The After Glow" from The Asteroid No.4's new album "Northern Songs". LP and full digital album available July 2020 from Little Cloud and Cardinal Fuzz Records.

When you have ten albums…count them, ten…under your belt it is safe to assume that you are doing something right. More so when it becomes clear that you have made your music without any attempt or desire to follow fad or fashion, tick other peoples boxes or satisfying public expectation. Clearly inspired by and infused with sounds drawn both from The Paisley Underground movement of the West Coast and the British shoe gaze scene which followed a few years later, The After Glow is both intriguing and singular yet filled with easy and accessible appeal.

And it is this blend of the melodicism of the former genre and the drifting, semi-structureless nature of the later which informs the music, the result a riot of hazy, sonic textures and oozing reverb, shoegazery walls of sound and psychedelic art-attacks. The After Glow tips hats to the likes of Spaceman 3, My Bloody Valentine and Rain Parade but it also gives you an idea of the logical progressional pathways that seminal bands such as The Byrds might have explored had the relevant technologies been available at the time. 

As a precursor to their double figure album release, Northern Songs, itself a nod to the fact that this is the first album with no trace of their old Philadelphia base being detectable in the songs, The After Glow is gorgeous slice of textured music, representative of the album’s desire to capture the calm and normality of a few years ago and to which hopefully we will return to again soon. And if the world does seem in turmoil at the moment then at least you have such oddly meditative music to keep you sane in the meantime. - David Franklin (dancing-about-architecture.com)